"I work with parents to facilitate a closer, more loving relationship with their children."

Managing the range of parenting responsibilities such as academics, socialization, recreation, and enjoyment of family time together can be overwhelming to say the least! One way to create more success and enjoyment for ourselves as parents is to focus on the single responsibility that overarches all others - the responsibility to create a meaningful relationship with our children.

Everyday parenting activities such as helping with homework or driving to soccer games and dance classes can become opportunities to create closeness, identity and meaning in our lives. Learning to be more personal and open in all of our relationships eases the demands of family life and creates a place where both adults and children can grow.

I focus on supporting parents to facilitate a closer, more loving relationship with their children through the following avenues:

For Parents:
Making parents aware of their children's cognitive development which can enhance their ability to engage constructively and successfully with their child;

For Parenting Partners:
Improving the meaningfulness of this precious relationship while they care and rear their children;

For Families:
Examining family relational patterns which can support more conscious choice in social interaction so that unproductive patterns need not be repeated;

For Children:
Fun programs that offer a better sense of self with opportunities to gain poise, confidence, and respect for themselves and others.


Family Programs that are lead by Denise are centered around communication, respect, and self-awareness. The format have been thoughtfully developed by Denise using a combination of experiential teaching and academic components.
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This extremely popular program which offers an intensive five-day workshop at The Haven Institute. Denise Goldbeck, with a team of youth interns, leads a group of children and teens of all backgrounds and ages through a creative process that culminates in a special show. The experience offers self-understanding, growth, confidence and excitement to the children and parents.
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The Youth Leadership Program involves Youth from ages 13 to 19 where they learn about leading and development, and then have a chance to apply their knowledge hands-on as interns in the Kids In The Spotlight program. The Youth Leadership Program consists of a step by step process which concludes in a Youth Diploma in Leadership Training and a Volunteer Certificate.
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This full-day workshop will cover some very interesting and important topics about challenges parents are currently facing. This workshop is good for parents, grandparents, and caregivers of children in any age. The entire experience will impact your life and your parenting for the better. You can look forward to an improved understanding of your child, self-awareness of your own parenting style, and most importantly, having a positive impact on your child's growth.
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This is a new program being introduced at The Haven Institute. It is for parents, grandparents and caregivers who want to explore and improve their relationships with their children. Our emphasis is on developing personal, empathic relationships between adults and children, and between adults.
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